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Finding the Proper Promotional Product (PPP)

"Many projects fail because they target the wrong market with the wrong product in the wrong way. Find your PPP."

Marketing Management vs. Organization. The Destabilization and Success of a Project

The goal is to complete the project successfully using your energy efficiently.
To achieve excellence in a marketing project involving promotional products or giveaways, not only the product is important, other things to consider are:

  • customer service received; and
  • diligence and communication from your supplier

"We are here to serve you", with courtesy, efficiency and effectiveness.

All projects, no matter if they are big or small, must be lead through all steps with Excellence in order to be successful.

From conception, all projects need to have a clear view of:

The person assigned to the project is in charge of contacting the promotional products supplier. Usually, is not who will make the purchasing decision; it is an information gatherer. For an efficient process, has to have knowledge of the project objectives, the use, the target market and the budget. This translates in knowing what to look for and having certain degree of decision making "to make an efficient pre-screening of the product".

The person or group that makes the final decision will chose from no more than 4 product options; having more options is just too confusing and can potentially delay the project, this is the main reason why the person doing the product search must have certain level of decision making authority.

"People are so busy today"

Budget per item and total budget are the first things to have in consideration is to know exactly what our total budget is. It includes not only the product $, but also the cost of imprint, shipping, special arrangements, and time and effort spent (all the costs involved in the project)

unit price NOT = Total project cost TPC
$ NOT $$$

The Project Target have to be specified A PRIORY; an accurate idea of the target of the project is an efficient and effective way to start. It is easier to:

  • Find the Proper Promotional Product (PPP)
  • Make Quicker Decisions (MQD)
  • Reduce Resources and Energy Spent (RRE)
  • "Paying an employee to do unfertile work is to waste $, time, energy and capacity."

Product distribution takes various forms and must be thought out in advance. It will impact greatly the budget of the project, it will greatly save time and help finding the PPP. Distribution can include (but is not limited to):

  • Hand Out in Tradeshow, or Events (i.e. target Prospects)
  • To give to visitors to the office or store(i.e. target Customer)
  • Massive promotion on the street, public place such as malls stadium, or via mail. (i.e. target Public)
  • Gift with purchase or appreciation gifts, (i.e. target Shareholders)
  • Office or Field, Employee Incentive Programs (i.e. target Employees)

The Message is as important as the product; which must be an Excellent Carrier of our message . The message is the basis of selecting the PPP.

The PPP unit price alone is not always a good catalyst of total cost of your product. The things mentioned above

Res, non verba


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