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Corporate and Business Gifts for Secretaries - Top Ten

All times are good moments to show appreciation for the right attitude, performance and dedication to the persons that shows caring for our enterprise. Incentives empowers employees and takes the internal image of the company to high levels; finally it promotes success that permeates through the organization.

Why is of great importance to keep employees motivated

Secretaries, personal assistants and supporting personnel play a fundamental role in the development and success of an organization. They are paramount in setting and reinforcing examples to achieve corporate goals, following up corporate strategy, implementing right examples of behavior; since they are the nexus between the highest executives and the outside world, they are in a unique position to influence the company image. The image they radiate is perceived by clients, potential clients, supplier and other stakeholders of the organization.

Even of more importance is that their behavior sets standard and influences other employees inside the organization, and the right corporate culture is paramount for the growth and success of the organization. Success has a stronger base when it's generated from within an organization; success is something that can be taught and it becomes second nature, it can be replicated on all the organization's activities. If a culture of success doesn't exists inside, it will never propagate to the outside.

EXISTS INSIDE => EXIT S OUTSITE = Sustained Outside Success

DOESN'T EXIST INSIDE => DOESN'T EXIT = No Sustained Outside Success

If internal success is not present, it will never exit and success in the market is only temporal (coincidental), so no sustainable competitive advantage is achieved. This is why we champion Internal Branding.

How to select and what are the priorities when selecting an award recognition gift for a secretary, personal assistant, and support personnel? The most important criteria to consider are sex, place of residence, corporate culture and lifestyle.

We need to highlight that incentives don't necessarily need to be given at special dates such as secretary day, anniversary with the company, birthday, or completion of a successful project. Incentives can be presented at any date; this action is high impact because includes the element of surprise and show appreciation at a time when it is not expected; thus, amplifying the value the incentive present carries to the person receiving it.

Incentives should not cross the line of personal gifts. From our perspective we shouldn't give presents that are strictly personal. Also, the budget is an important element to take into consideration. A good formula to allocate a budget for incentives is to correlate the employee and the efforts they put into their work with the value of the incentive.


The list of ten items includes awards, gifts and rewards.

Bulova Ladies Diamond Watch - Item 98R149

Waterford Crystal Metropolitan Clock

Orrefors Crystal Tornado Bowl

Kosta Boda Vision Vase Blue

Davinci Resort Gear Bag

Swash Buckle Computer Tote High end

Orrefors Crystal Focus Photo Frame

Waterford Crystal L&S Lismore 34.5" Silver Luna

Galway Crystal Longford Goblet Pair

Engraved Coffee Mug

Elegant Plaque with medallion


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